Samsung Screen Repair

Samsung Screen Repairs: Precision Meets Perfection

Your Samsung device is a testament to cutting-edge technology and sleek design. But accidents happen, and screens can shatter.

At GVA, we understand the importance of swift, reliable repairs to get you back on track. Our team of certified technicians harnesses the latest techniques to ensure your Samsung screen looks and functions as if it were brand new.

Don't let a cracked screen dim your digital experience; trust GVA for a seamless, efficient, and top-quality repair.

Model LCD Glass
All s7 and Under $80 $80
 S8/S8 Plus $130 $80
S9/S9 Plus $140 $100
S10 $160 $100
s10e $160 $120
s10 Plus $160 $100
s20 $250
s20 plus $300
s20 Ultra $320
S21 Ultra $320
S21 Plus $300
S21 $260
S22 $260
S22 Plus $300
S22 Ultra $360

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Discover Apple's Finest at GVAPC
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